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Waterproof Vs. Weatherproof Car Covers

One of the most critical steps when it comes to protecting your car, van, SUV, truck or any other motor vehicle from weather elements relies on the choice of whether you will get a waterproof or weatherproof car covers. Take note that these two are different types of covers thus it pays to establish their Read More

How To Store Your Mustang For The Winter

For many Mustang collectors and enthusiasts, fall season often means they need to prepare their cars for storage over the winter season. After all, anyone who has ever experienced driving a classic Mustang model in the snow would understand the two do not go hand in hand. Learning how to store your Mustang over the Read More

Looking For A Car Cover To Be Used In The Tropics?

When you are interested in buying car covers, one of the mistakes you might make is thinking that all are the same. However, this is not the case. There are some companies that are usually dedicated to making sure that they  make  the best car covers in the industry. This is achieved through proper research, Read More

Choosing The Best Car Cover For Your SUV

Perhaps you have made sure that your SUV tires are well inflated, you change the oil, you check your fluids every other time and get your annual inspection done timely? This is great especially if you have to take good care of your SUV. However, you still need to do more to ensure that your Read More

Say Yes To Custom Car Covers

Car covers protect your vehicle from environmental factors and keep it clean. Also, they prevent debris from getting into the car through the small gaps and openings. Unfortunately, most of the car covers are built to look like tents because they come in one-size-fit-all forms for different car sizes. In other words, car covers are Read More