Waterproof Car Covers

Cars that face the harsh Australian weather need all the protection they can get. The extremes of sunlight, heat, wind and torrential rain to which our vehicles are subjected to make keeping our cherished investment looking great quite a challenge. To prevent build-up of fallout and watermarks, you really need a weatherproof car cover for outdoor use.
However, a waterproof car covers will often damage a cars paint in harsh heat such as Perth. This is because the material doesn’t allow for any breathing, that’s why its important to get a water repellent car cover.

Car owners all over Australia can turn to Chief Car Covers for the perfect car care solution. Our outdoor car covers are heavy to ensure that they don’t blow away and extremely durable to ensure minimal wear and tear. They protect your car from rain, dust, dirt, animal and bird droppings. Long lasting and tough, your Chief Car Cover will last you for many years.

Our waterproof car covers are made to order (you should allow about 10 working days for delivery). As well as being water repellent, our outdoor car cover fabric breathes, preventing the accumulation of moisture within the cover. To personalise your weatherproof car cover, we give you the option of an embroidered logo on the front.

Contact us to request an online quote or a fabric sample.