7 Great Car Accessories For A Road Trip

A road trip should be an exciting adventure, rather than a painful commute. All sorts of travelling require proper planning, failing which you may end up getting exhausted rather than thrilled. It’s certainly not about traveling with loads of accessories and comfort options. If you have the right mix of essential car accessories in hand, Read More

What We Love About Cotton Car Covers

Cotton car covers – have you ever heard of them? Perhaps, even when you have been hearing your friends talking about these types of car covers, you end up wondering if they can be a lot of help to you. Well, they can do you a lot of good especially when you opt to use Read More

How Often Am I Expected to Use My Car Cover?

Your vehicle’s paintjob is quite vulnerable and should therefore be protected from elements like grit or salt that could result in minor damage. In the current market, most people opt for tailored waterproof canvas car covers. The work of these covers is to offer your car’s interior and exterior protection from pollutants or any damage. Read More

Which Materials Are Ideal For Car Covers?

It is easy to worry about your car if you do not have a good car cover. You can’t help but worry if your car will resist the damaging effects of acid rain, ultra violet radiation, wind borne particles, bird droppings, animal claws, sun fading and the ever prying eyes of thieves. Your best bet Read More

When Are Car Covers Considered 100% Waterproof?

Hearing the phrase ‘waterproof car covers‘ will make you feel delighted. In fact, you may even rush to the store the next day and look for one. Upon reaching the store, you will see the note ‘100% waterproof’ on the label. How sure are you that these products are indeed 100% waterproof? If you do Read More

Car Cover Options That Work Well For Customization

Car protection is one of the major reasons why people use car covers. When cars are parked outdoors, they are exposed to things such as ultraviolet light, radiation, acid rain, bird droppings and windborne particles among others. When the car is parked indoor, it is not exposed to as many damaging elements. A quality car Read More

Can A Standard Car Cover Protect Your New RV?

Car covers are made from a wide variety of materials to suit different covering applications. The large majority of them are great when it comes to shielding your prized possession from weather elements, dust, dirt, or sometimes theft. Different standard car covers are available in the online and offline stores, and can be chosen based Read More

Weatherproof Vs. Waterproof Car Covers

If you are interested in protecting your truck, van or car from the hazards of the outdoor weather conditions then it is highly recommended that you start looking for a weatherproof or waterproof car cover. There are considerable differences between the two types of car covers. With so many choices available in the market, you Read More

What Are The Main Reasons For Covering Up Your RV?

So you have just bought yourself a new recreation vehicle? Well, you are in for an exciting riding experience around different spots of interest. The car offers enough space to do your things along with an assortment of useful amenities such as a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and the likes. This being the case, your RV Read More

How To Choose A Car Cover

Your car is likely to be one of the most expensive things you own. You should therefore always do as much as you can to protect the investment. A simple way to do this is by using a car cover to protect the car when it is parked. A car cover does not cost an Read More

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