Car Cover Options That Work Well For Customization

Car protection is one of the major reasons why people use car covers. When cars are parked outdoors, they are exposed to things such as ultraviolet light, radiation, acid rain, bird droppings and windborne particles among others. When the car is parked indoor, it is not exposed to as many damaging elements. A quality car cover may be enough to offer protection against airborne particles when kept indoors. For outdoor car parking, you need the most effective options that guarantee car protection. Here are car cover options that may work with customization.

Waterproof car covers

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Waterproof car covers are made of plastic films. They essentially keep rain from causing damages to your car. However, they can trap moisture between the car and the cover. The moisture may cause extensive damage to the car paint over time. Therefore, a plastic-film car cover is only ideal when used during the winter. When you store the car during winter, include a flannel cloth covering. This will offer protection on the car surface. The car cover should be placed over flannel cloth covering for maximum protection.

Water resistant car covers

This car cover offers a wide range of options regarding weight, fabric and type. Water resistant car covers keep water from your car while allowing air to freely circulate. This goes a long way to prevent moisture collection, which causes extensive damage to the surface of the car. For this car cover option, you can either choose between a lighter or heavier cover depending on your physical location. The lightest car cover is ideal as it weighs around 3 pounds and effectively sheds a lot of water during heavy storms. It is important to ensure that the light car cover is fitted properly on the car. Strong winds can beat it up resulting in damage on the surface of the car if not properly placed.

Cotton car covers

This car cover type is purely made out of cotton and rarely scratches the car surface. In addition, it is available in a wide range of designs. It is the most ideal option that can customized according to customer preferences. Cotton car covers are not water resistant. They should not be used for outdoor purposes. Therefore, if you are looking for the best option for indoor car protection, cotton car covers in Perth WA are definitely the best choice. Their soft texture barely causes any damage to the surface of the car and they keep off moisture.

After finding an ideal car cover, all you need to do is ensure that it is well maintained. Car cover maintenance is not really complicated. It basically involves occasional cleaning. When you buy a car cover, it usually comes with guidelines for maintenance. Reading the instructions carefully will help you to know if your car cover requires special cleaning. Most car covers can be cleaned in a washing machine using mild detergents. You can add fabric softener for great results. After cleaning, always ensure that it is completely dry before storing. Remember, proper maintenance will make the car covers more durable.