When Are Car Covers Considered 100% Waterproof?

Hearing the phrase ‘waterproof car covers‘ will make you feel delighted. In fact, you may even rush to the store the next day and look for one. Upon reaching the store, you will see the note ‘100% waterproof’ on the label. How sure are you that these products are indeed 100% waterproof? If you do not want to commit the mistake of buying a product that is too good to be true, it pays to know how you can say that car covers are indeed a hundred per cent waterproof as promised.

It is designed to safeguard the car against external moisture

External moisture can be a result of sleet, condensation, rain, snow and humidity amongst others. If you want 100% waterproof car covers then the item should be able to safeguard your car from the external moisture resulting from all these factors. None of these external moisture concerns should pass through the cover. Simply put, the car cover should be able to act as a barrier that cannot be penetrated by external moisture for it to qualify as 100% waterproof.

It should be made of fabric that is 100% waterproof

car cover

Car covers are made from different materials. What is 100% waterproof will now depend on the fabric used to manufacture one. A car cover fabric will be able to define its promise if it is known to be capable of blocking any kind of moisture. Expect that inexpensive versions of these car covers are made from vinyl and/or polyethylene which are both common materials for tarpaulins. Whilst these are waterproof by nature, they may be prone to wear and tear and may require additional investments on your part later on. Look for other dependable fabrics that are durable enough to pass as 100% waterproof.

It is 100% waterproof if it has been put together using a dependable process

You may be familiar with car covers that are supposedly put together by a modern technology that says ‘ultrasonic welded seams’. Attractive as it may sound, it is not really a dependable process at all times. In fact, research shows that car covers made from this process will not really be as strong as those car covers with sewn seams. They may even break apart when stress levels are applied over them. This brings us back to recommending a more durable option for you.

It should be water resistant

Moisture is entirely different from water that is why we also want you to realise that waterproof car covers should be water resistant as well. Therefore, 100% waterproof car covers should not allow water to penetrate into the material or these will just compromise the physical appearance of your vehicle. With this in mind, you should look for car covers that provide a balance between breathability, moisture resistance and water resistance. When you have seen one, you can claim it is 100% waterproof.

If you want to make sure that you will get such types of car covers, it will be best to invest in tailored waterproof canvas covers. Learn more about such products through our pages!