Weatherproof Vs. Waterproof Car Covers

If you are interested in protecting your truck, van or car from the hazards of the outdoor weather conditions then it is highly recommended that you start looking for a weatherproof or waterproof car cover. There are considerable differences between the two types of car covers. With so many choices available in the market, you might find it hard to make a selection. Here is a brief introduction to both types to make your decision process easy.

Waterproof car covers

Waterproof car covers

Just like the name suggests, a waterproof car covers are hundred percent waterproof. These rain covers will surely keep your vehicle or car completely dry underneath. This seems to be the best choice if you do not have sufficient space like garage or any covered parking in your home. Apart from blocking rain and water, these covers can also block out unseen tiny particles that may damage your car paint over time. Acid rains and chemical compounds are the most common example of this sort.

There are many people who believe that rain water is the safest source of clean water. It can be considered as a soft source if you compare it to the waters available in the wells that contain heavy metals from the soil. However, it is important to mention that rain water is never free from chemicals. Pollutants and other chemicals are absorbed in rain particles when they evaporate from earth. Once these chemicals and other particles reach a certain density level, the rain is known as acid rain.

There are many people who opt to get tailored waterproof canvas car covers these days. Other standard car covers are made of polypropylene fabric with a micro-porous film or plastic coated. During rainy season, the rain simply hits the car covers and it merely rolls down. Even if you see water pooling on the hood of your vehicle or any or flat surface, there is nothing to worry about. The easiest thing to do is to lift the cover and give it a shake to drain off the water from the side of your car.

Weatherproof car covers

Contrary to waterproof car covers, the weatherproof car covers are not one hundred percent waterproof. They are known to be water resistant. There are a number of high quality weather proof car covers available in the market that are known for performing excellent job in keeping the rain water and other rain compounds off the vehicle.

These covers can also bead up and shed water as soon it hits the cover. However, in case there is soaking rain, you can expect your car to get wet. There is nothing much to worry about primarily because the acid and other chemical compounds in the rain are filtered by the cover. Therefore what remains on the car is just plain clean water.

Which type of car cover should you use?

The decision is primarily based on your budget and of course how well you wish to protect your car. Like most things in life it is always a matter of personal preferences but if you ask us, the better choice will be a waterproof car cover!