How To Store Your Mustang For The Winter

For many Mustang collectors and enthusiasts, fall season often means they need to prepare their cars for storage over the winter season. After all, anyone who has ever experienced driving a classic Mustang model in the snow would understand the two do not go hand in hand. Learning how to store your Mustang over the winter months is vital even though the thought of parting with it temporarily feels depressing. Things could get worse if you do not properly prepare at all.

Keep in mind that it is what you do today will make your next ride much more enjoyable. Without further ado, here is how you can get started. Remember to check off each item like a list as you go along.

Wash and wax

It is always a good practice give your precious car a final wash and wax before storing it away for the winter season. Pay attention to remove any dirt, as it can hold retain moisture. Moisture is known as the main culprit that causes rust. Ensure that you dry your car completely after washing. If you plan to cover your car, make sure it is one that is quality and breathable. Never use a cheap plastic cover as it traps moisture too!

Fill it up

Another thing you should do is to take your car on a short drive to the nearest gas station, before filling it up completely with gas. The reason you should do so allows fuel to circulate through the car’s fuel lines before you store it away for the winter months. You can also choose to add some fuel stabilizer to the tank to maintain your gasoline in tip top condition until next spring.

Ensure cylinders are lubricated

Remember to lubricate the cylinders after removing your spark plugs. You can do this by using a small amount of boat storage fogging oil or conventional engine oil. After that you may reattach the spark plugs as well as the spark plug wires. The main goal here is to prevent rust. Additionally, your door hinges and hood latch should also be lubricated.

Prepare your Mustang’s tires

If you have some jack stands around, place your Mustang on it after removing the tires. Ensure it stands with plywood below for extra support. Otherwise, you might discover that your car has sunk into the ground after winter. After securing your car, store your tires in a safe area for winter. If you plan to keep them on, release some air out of them to reduce the strain on both the suspension and tires.

Review your insurance

Another thing you should do is to ensure your insurance is up-to-date. This is especially important if you decide to move your car to a new location, and you will need to inform your insurance provider. If not, you risk not having coverage in the event something bad happens to your car. Inform your insurer that you are storing the car until spring. In fact, some insurers can offer a discount if they learn that your car will not be on the road for some time.

Convertible’s top must be up

If you own one that comes with a convertible top, ensure you store the car with its top up. The leather could shrink if your car is stored with its top down for an extended duration. If that happens, you will experience trouble closing it properly next spring.

In addition, if you want complete protection, you can use a car cover for your Mustang. To find out more about our easy-to-fit and custom designed car covers, contact us at Chief Car Covers today!