Looking For A Car Cover To Be Used In The Tropics?

When you are interested in buying car covers, one of the mistakes you might make is thinking that all are the same. However, this is not the case. There are some companies that are usually dedicated to making sure that they  make  the best car covers in the industry. This is achieved through proper research, as well as making use of some of the most high quality fabrics in the industry. When you are shopping for a car cover, it would be wise for you to have a good idea of what you should look for. Some of the important issues to keep in mind include:

UV resistance

Ultraviolet radiation has several effects on your car, including causing slow fading of the colors in the fabrics and the paint. In addition to that, it might also increases the temperature of the car when parked outside in summer. The fabric of an ideal car cover particularly in the tropics should be made in such a manner that it can prevent entry of UV radiation into the car. Remember that simply because the car will be covered does not mean that it will not receive any UV radiation; the cover has to be designed specifically with this in mind.

Water repellent

When you live in the tropics, you can expect that there will be a lot of rain. The cover needs to be water repellent. If the cover is water proof, you may get condensation under the cover which may cause paint damage.


In tropical climates, high humidity causes water vapour to be traped under the cover. If the cover “breathes”, it allows air to move through the cover, also allowing the water vapour to escape. This prevents condensation under the cover which may cause blistering of your paintwork (particularly on the older acrylic paints). Even if it does not affect the paint it often results in dirty water marks on the car.

Dust resistance

There are some car covers that are usually designed in such a manner that the weave pattern prevents dust from entering the car. This is particularly useful when you need to park your car for a long time in the open. The fact that not all car covers offer this means that you should be looking out specifically for it when shopping.

Paint protection

You are likely to use the car cover regularly if you live in the tropics. Always make sure that the cover is well fitted as this prevents the cover flapping around in the wind which may cause abrasion to your car’s paint job.

When you find car covers in Australia that meet all these criteria, you will definitely benefit maximally from it, even when you are not exclusively using it in a tropical region.