Waterproof Vs. Weatherproof Car Covers

One of the most critical steps when it comes to protecting your car, van, SUV, truck or any other motor vehicle from weather elements relies on the choice of whether you will get a waterproof or weatherproof car covers. Take note that these two are different types of covers thus it pays to establish their differences before deciding on the better choice between them.

Understanding waterproof car covers

Waterproof car covers, as the name suggests, are car covers that can protect your vehicle from water thus keeping it dry underneath. These are ideal investments for car owners that do not have enough garage space at home or is not gifted with a covered parking spot. Whilst some of you might thing that waterproof car covers simply protect your car from water and rain, you will be surprised to find out that it goes beyond that. It can block chemical compounds and even acid rain thus preventing possible damage to your car’s paint finish.

Customised waterproof car covers

In order to enjoy a host of other benefits from customized waterproof car covers, you have the option to choose customised versions that offer the level of breathability for your car to be able to breathe from the inside. You may opt for semi-custom fit covers too since the looser fit allows for breathability thus eliminating moisture from getting into your car whilst they are covered.

What about weatherproof car covers?

If there is one thing that sets apart weatherproof car covers from their waterproof counterparts that will be the fact that they are not a hundred percent waterproof. They are more of water-resistant. They can keep acid rain away and are sturdy enough to prevent harsh weathers from breaking your car’s windows and other components. They can also come with custom-fit designs.

To reiterate, weatherproof car covers do not have the same waterproof level as that of waterproof car covers. You then have to take note that whilst they can prevent your car from being wet as soon as water hits the cover, it cannot be denied that your vehicle can get wet in soaking rain even with these car covers on. In order to prevent possible water damage, you can choose to use weatherproof car covers that have been made from a tough material that can filter the soaking rain.

Which one is better?

Both waterproof and weatherproof covers have gone a long way from the usual readymade car covers to the customized version of these days. Fairly, it will take time to decide on which amongst these two you should purchase. The decision will now depend on the kind of weather you are experiencing in your place. If you want, you can also have both.

For more on waterproof car covers in Australia, please feel free to give us a call. You can let us know what you want for these car covers and tell us your concerns before buying one. Let us put a durable and dependable car cover on your vehicle!